Errrrr... I want to post in the SBUX community. God I'm lame. I present my poem:

My Life From the Last Post 'till Now

summer, a's
manager, ucf football is fun,
if you're in the stomping nation
finally done
the last paper i wrote before i graduated
was on polygamy
I put the B.A. in badass!
dean's list
the dean's list!
art, the gre
gives me anxiety,
adobe is my life these days,
my nikon is my friend,
i still bleed green, and
i can never find the right way to end things.

i want to play rockband!
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Starlet Killer: might this be a coincidince
Starlet Killer: if the dow closes today in the green
Starlet Killer: it will break an 80 year record
Starlet Killer: 80 years ago is was 1927.
Starlet Killer: october 29, 1929 two years later the stock market crashed
Starlet Killer: humm... ?!
Starlet Killer: should i continue to mention the forcasted predictions of the "end of the world" by the mayans or nostradamus?!
Starlet Killer: who say that would be in 2012
Starlet Killer: nostradamus wrote that the end of the world starts in 07 and contunially gets worse till the end.
Starlet Killer: should be fun.

why do i always talk to myself?
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so the end of the semester. done. ok.

i have learned approximatly seventy-eight percent of the material in statistical methods and have decided that i desipse the formulas. in research methods for psychology i learned eighty-nine percent of the material, learned how to properly conduct research, experiements, and report data, and fought statistics the whole way, but failed to go to my lab twice resulting in a significantly large deduction of ten-fifteen points in my final grade. as far as personality theory. this class would have been so much more interesting if i had had a better teacher. the concepts and theroies; very interesting. i ended up retaining a repectful eighty-seven percent, but again due to technicalities ..(and I could talk about that piece of shit participation clicker all day) i recieved an eighty-two. finally, physiological psychology, i loved this class. it was not easy, he was just a damn good teacher. i learned some crazy stuff! i missed out on an extra credit option though, and got a d on one test, which left me just short of an a at eighty-seven percent.

so, thats fair i guess?! i just have to work harder.
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.. and for eternity I'd lay in bed
in my boxers, half stoned,
with the pillow under my head.

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It's all gravy baby, life's lovely
Even when the gray rain cloud's right above me.

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So. I should be studying physiological psychology and statistics ... but no. I'm not.
I think... no I do need a shower and to do my laundry.

Going home this weekend I think?!
Should be interesting to say the least.
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I lost my job.
Hopefully wil get a new one by the end of the day.
Hoppfully found a place to live.

and I need a new dresser.
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the spoon chronicals

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I'm crazy!

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we's bad ass mofos!

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we're awEsome!

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Jacky's a little.....

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weird... sometimes.
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